A Proposal for Movable Flood Barriers at the Entrances to the Venice Lagoon
By Pellegrinotti Alberto
English traslation by
Nicolas Hall and Luisa Sale
The translation is incomplete

Proposed here is a system of moving gate-ships formed of steel super-caissons. These are comparable to ships' hulls; floatable or sinkable using a simple pumping operation and ballast tanks of which their whole interior is made up.

Each barrier is composed of a number of movable elements ("gate-ships"), held at each end by jamb-piers whilst closed and also by mooring piers whilst open. They bear on and stabilize against the seabed using a chambered elastic skirt.

Given that optimal positioning will only be pinpointed following a further phase in the study, these are the individual schemes for the lagoon's three mouths:

There is a plan for the construction, at the leeward end of each barrier, of a lock to facilitate the passagge of small craft and fishing boats during the closure of the entrannces to the lagoon.

For any clarification, additional information or for documentation on CD-Rom please write to the engineer Alberto Pellegrinotti

gate-ships seabed
jamb-piers costs