Opening and Closing Mechanism

There will be two types of piers: "jamb" piers, and mooring piers. Their design is such as to minimize resistance to currents, compatible with function and durability.

The autonomous rotational movement around the "jamb" pier for opening and closing is achieved by means of two "bow-thrusters" (traverse propellers), a pair at each end.

A system is also envisaged using piers and "gate-ships" that are symmetrical, which allows clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation and thus increases the flexibility of the whole system.

During rotation the "gate-ship" is free of its pivotal point (by about 1.5 m) whilst being retained by steel cables, and at the opposite end comes to rest against the "jamb" pier, cushioned by a vertical strip of neoprene and teflon. This method is simpler and more reliable in comparison with a rigid mechanism of hinges with hydraulically controlled movement.